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Lyme Disease Basics

The Collection


Lyme disease presents as a collection of diseases, the most common of which are:

  • Borreliosis, caused by the bacteria b. burgdorferi
  • Bartonellosis, caused by the bacteria
  • Babesiosis, caused by the bacteria
  • Erlichiosis, caused by the bacteria
  • Parasitic illnesses

If you get bitten by a tick,and it stays on long enough to become engorged, you may be injected with any or all of the above.

There are many sites that explain the basics of Lyme disease. Please keep in mind that due to lack of reliable research, there are no experts on Lyme disease. However, the developers of these sites have done their homework and tried to stay within the realms of what we are fairly sure is true. The following are the sites we have found to be the most reliable for lay people: