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The People behind the Movement


We are Lyme disease sufferers and care-givers. We have lost our jobs because, when we did not test positive for Lyme disease under the archaic, two-tiered testing system used in Canada, we were told that we didn't have Lyme disease and consequently, continued to suffer and deteriorate until we couldn't work anymore.

Because the doctors continued to deny our condition, we often lost our families and friends, who eventually believed that we were crazy.

We mortgaged our homes to receive treatment. Since there is very little effective research being done in Canada, treatment is experimental at best. Doctors who do find effective treatment are harassed out of business because there is no reliable research to support their practices. We end up researching our symptoms on the Internet and shopping around the world for help.

We believe that this is a pathetic life that is unacceptable in a country that prides itself on its universal health care. We have funded medicare all our lives through taxes and now we are disenfranchised by a small group of infectious disease doctors who are relying on old research performed in the United States by a handful of doctors many of whom have disclosed vested interests.

Something must be done and it's become apparent, that if this is going to be fixed, we'll have to do it ourselves.